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Saab Car Radiator 900 ll 93-98 & 9-3 98> Auto

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Product Name : Saab Car Radiator 900 ll 93-98 & 9-3 98> Auto
  • Product Code: CR4060
  • Price: $330.00 AUD (incl. GST)
  • Freight Cost: $25.00 AUD
  • Availability: In stock [2 items]
  • Quantity:
  • Quick Overview:

    Core Dimensions 505x349x40

Product Description:

Plastic & aluminium Saab Radiator.
Car Radiators - Saab Radiator

If you can't find the Saab radiator you are after, please call
All Discount Car Radiators on 1300 1234 88

We are one of the biggest Saab radiator suppliers in Australia.
All radiators must be chemical engine flushed & coolant changed for warranty.
Our company will give you 2 years warranty on all our radiators.
We provide you, the customer the best quality car radiators on the market, with the best price.  We also can supply cheaper quality radiators, just call us to see what we can do for you.